Signs Of Hormone Imbalance

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6 Signs of hormone imbalance

Whenever we hear the word “hormones,” it’s easy to think of women who are suffering with menopause. Some picture women having volatile mood swings, hot flushes and other symptoms. Other times we hear the word “hormones,” we might think about women who are “at that time of the month.”

But it’s really unfair that hormones conjures up such negative images. The truth is that hormone changes can affect anyone at any time. For women, hormone changes most often occur in their forties and fifties, but it can also happen earlier too. Women who do suffer from changes sooner can usually lay the blame at their diet and overall lifestyle.

If you’re worried about hormone change, here are 6 signs of hormone imbalance:

Continuous Weight Gain

Signs of hormone imbalanceThere is a lot you can do to maintain a weight that is healthy for you. Although eating the right things and doing the right things isn’t always enough. Women who have underlying hormone changes find it hard to maintain a consistent weight that they’re happy with.

The usual cause for this is untreated insulin resistance. Addressing this is usually a case of eliminating sugars, wheat and processed foods.

Abdominal Fat

If your endocrine system is stressed, your body processes too much cortisol and too little other important hormones. What happens is that your body finds it hard to store fat for use at a later date, and instead creates belly fat. Find a hobby that will help relieve stress – Yoga, beach walks, meditation, dancing, there are loads of things you can do, and all in the comfort of your own home.


If you are finding it hard to get past noon without needed a nap or an energy drink, you might be experiencing a key sign of hormone imbalance.

It isn’t normal to feel lethargic every day without good reason. This happens when your blood sugar levels are unregulated. To restore the rebalance, eliminating grains and wheat from your diet can help big time.

Feeling Anxious

While anxiety and depression themselves are a sign of hormone imbalance, when combined with other symptoms, they should serve as a red flag.

Anxiety and depression are signs that you are overworked and overstressed, and therefore are not giving your body the things it needs. Listen to what your body wants, and take the right actions that will replenish it rather than diminish it.


Night sweats is usually a major sign that sets the alarm bells ringing. It isn’t normal to experience night sweats and daily hot flashes, and if you experience either it’s usually a warning from your body that something needs to be corrected.

Rather than put your name down immediately for hormone replacement therapy, you can instead take a look at your lifestyle and query whether there is something you are doing which is causing these symptoms. Sometimes, it is our emotions that trigger uncomfortable sweats. Find what makes you happy in life and focus more on that!

Digestive Issues

A common sign of hormone imbalance is digestive issues, such as excess gas, acid reflux and bloating.

These symptoms are of course, fairly common around the world, and many people suffer from them because they are eating the wrong foods, or swallowing without chewing. If you are not sure, visit a health specialist because they are also warning signs of hormonal changes.

These are just 6 signs of hormone changes, but there are so many others. If you are experiencing two or three or more, you can make small changes to your lifestyle – such as trying something that Nude Tea has put together especially for you. It’s a soft, tasty organic menopause tea blend that can aid in the balance of menopausal hormones and help fight depression. What have you got to lose? Purchase some today!