Pregnancy e-book



Pregnancy e-book

We’ve enlisted the help of The Lifestyle Nutritionist to share her expertise about all things pregnancy.

Along with enjoying the benefits of our organic pregnancy tea blend, having the correct nutrition is essential for an optimal pregnancy.

This e-book contains information from an expert about what your body needs to become and maintain your pregnancy, where you can get it, loads of tips & tricks, and a heap of yummy recipe ideas to aid in your pregnancy journey.

Take a sneak peek:

“Getting The Right Calcium

Calcium is an important mineral that is required for bone and teeth formation especially in the growing fetus. It is important for cell-to-cell signaling, blood clotting, thyroid hormone release, cell division and hormone secretion. Adequate levels of Calcium in the pregnant mother may also reduce the risk of gestational hypertension, pre-eclampsia, neonatal mortality and preterm birth. In the fetus, requirements of Calcium is highest in the third trimester, so ensuring levels of calcium are at optimal levels are essential pre, during and post pregnancy.

Food sources of Calcium include broccoli, almonds, raspberry leaf, brazil nuts, sardines, salmon, green leafy vegetables, dairy, egg yolk, whole soybean tofu, soybeans, seeds, alfalfa and buckwheat.”