Foods That Help You Detox

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The very best foods that help you detox

Did you know that your liver is continually working to detoxify your body? You can help it in its tracks by following rapid detox diets that require a lot of time and effort. However, there is a much easier way to help your body be rid of nasty toxins.

The easiest way to detox, involves eating food types that will help in cleansing your digestive system on a continual basis, and drinking an effective detox tea regularly.

Following, are some of the best foods that help you detox:

GarlicFoods That Help You Detox

Boosts your immune system and stimulates your liver to produce enzymes which filter toxins from your digestive system. Its antiviral, antiseptic and antibiotic properties also play a major part in detoxifying your body. Using garlic to add flavour to your food is the way to go – soup, stir-fry, put it in everything. However, raw garlic is known to work best. You can create some delicious teas with it.


Offers many health benefits and is especially beneficial if you have a fatty liver problem. This is usually caused by drinking too much booze. It also stimulates digestion and circulation. Again, you can add fresh ginger root to the dishes you cook, add it to a freshly made juice, or make ginger tea.


Are high in fibre and antioxidants, but were once avoided because of their high fat content. They are now more popular as a detox food as more people are beginning to understand the difference between good and bad fats. They are very rich in vitamin K to protect the liver from free radicals. Avocados are perfect to use in salads and smoothies, and as a base for dips.

Green Tea

Boosts the production of detoxification enzymes that strengthen metabolic defence against toxins capable of causing cancer rendering cancerous chemicals harmless.


One of the best green, leafy herbs that will help to rid your body of heavy metals. It achieves this outcome by removing metals from your tissues and organs, into your blood stream where they can be easily eliminated. Heavy metals (mercury) could be a problem for you if you eat a lot of fish. It is essential that you rid your body of heavy metals as they contribute to cancer, thyroid and hormone problems.


Is an ideal food known for supporting the digestive system, which depends on many different types of good bacteria to help digest food. Yogurt is a top source of these bacteria’s which should be replenished regularly. If you eat plenty of yogurt your digestive system will stay in optimum health.

If your health is in a very bad shape, a rapid detoxification diet would help to establish better health. Then you could include foods that help you detox in your everyday diet to avoid further toxin build-up.

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