Echinacea Helps Boost Your Immune System

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How Echinacea helps boost your immune system

This amazing flowering plant has been used as a natural medicinal remedy for centuries. It was used to cure wounds, infections and also as a snakebite remedy. In modern times, it was used extensively as a natural antibiotic before pharmaceutical antibiotics become available. Its popularity started increasing again in the early 1980s, when people who preferred natural remedies began using it to fight cold and flu germs, heal bacterial and viral infections and as a remedy for inflammatory skin conditions.  Research has found that it works to boost the immune system and helps the body to heal itself. Today, it’s one of the most well-known of the medicinal herbs.

Echinacea helps boost your immune system

Echinacea helps boost your immune system in the following ways:

It stimulates your immune system to resist bacteria and viruses. Instead of killing invaders outright as antibiotics do, Echinacea works indirectly to boost the immune system to set to work blocking and killing them. After you take Echinacea, macrophages, which are germ-eating cells begin to destroy these invaders in your immune system. Another advantage of Echinacea, is that it doesn’t destroy your good bacteria, as mainstream antibiotics do. This is because your immune system can distinguish between good and bad microorganisms.

Echinacea blocks disease-causing organisms. These pathogenic microbes use hyaluronidase enzymes to enter your healthy cells in order to destroy them by causing disease. Echinacea contains Echinacin B. This blocks the hyaluronidase enzyme, thus blocking the pathogens from entering the cells.

Echinacea stimulates the production of interferon, interleukin and other chemicals that ensure your immune system is operating correctly. Interferon is able to destroy germs by infiltrating their system to prevent reproduction.

Common uses of Echinacea

It is recommended for the treatment of many disorders, some of which include – common cold and flu, ear infections, yeast infections, sinus infections, urinary tract infection and skin infections. Studies of Echinacea usage, report that it is best to take it once daily to support your immune system and to promote overall health. When the symptoms of an infection begin to appear, then take several doses per day. Liquid forms appear to work more efficiently than capsules. Research has revealed that Echinacea can reduce your chances of catching a cold, and also reduce the duration of a cold if you do catch one.

Echinacea is available as an over-the-counter medication at health food stores, pharmacies and supermarkets. It is an excellent addition to your medicine cabinet, to have on hand for when you realise you have the first symptoms of an infection. As Echinacea helps boost your immune system, the infection can be hindered immediately before it has taken hold.

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