Diet Secrets Of French Women

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Top 5 diet secrets of French women

Have you ever – seen an overweight French women? wondered if French women have diet secrets? These top 5 diet secrets of French women will help you see that the French have a mindset about food, and a way of eating that helps them be healthy as well as never hungry.

diet secrets of French women

Fun in the Preparation

The French women have fun preparing their meals. They have a variety of foods and savour the consumption. They plan a great meal for the family – rich in good fat, full of raw veggies, and using important organ meat. They walk to the market to buy fresh, market foods. They always avoid the pre-packaged, chemically enhanced foods. They cook recipes they love to make, passed down from generation to generation. It doesn’t sound like something that would be one of the diet secrets, but ask any French women if she eats McDonalds and you are sure to get a grimace!

Eat REAL Food Not Fake Alternatives

It may sounds contradictory to a weight loss diet, but French women eat REAL food. Butter, goose fat, organ meats, creams and oils. It is only recently that low calorie, non-fat, chemically enhanced products were made available. French women know that eating real food has the best long term effect for taste and health.

Never Count Calories

One of the most interesting diet secrets of French women is that they DON’T DIET, they consume. They don’t go hungry, nor do they count calories, or sacrifice quality foods. They eat good food, prepared at home, in what can only be considered a ritualistic manner or preparation and presentation and enjoy every single bite. We all know that quantity control is important to dieting. French ladies are conscious of portions, but they are brought up with an understanding of what a good and healthy portion of food is. They know how to snack on foods that are good for their health and keep them feeling satisfied. Furthermore, they know how to enjoy their food, savour the taste, and allow for digestion. There’s no need to count calories, they just need to eat healthy and wise.

Indulgence is Not a Sin

The French are known for loving their indulgences. They have savoury, fancy foods in small portions, and that isn’t a marketing ploy. They eat that way to be healthy. One of the most exciting of the diet secrets of French women is that they don’t have to give up the sweet stuff to be healthy and trim. They go for quality over quantity. One piece of amazing, delicious chocolate is an excellent dessert, not an entire bag of M&Ms. A small portion of a cream brule is a French specialty that many are familiar with, but it isn’t an entire tub of chocolate ice cream. Indulging is not a sin, it is necessary and very acceptable in the French diet.


The best of the diet mysteries of French women is that they thoroughly ENJOY their food. They spend more of their monthly budgets on quality foods, not on the quantity of food. They LOVE preparing it! They don’t consume a 6 pack of beer before a meal. They include a wonderful wine instead. They sit at the table with their family, eating their well-prepared, nutrient-enriched, flavourful food. Enjoying Every. Single. Bite. Chewing their food before swallowing. Thinking about the taste. All of this is the simplest of the diet secrets to duplicate.

The French are known for their delectable food and interesting food presentation. They are known for their beautiful wine pairings with their meals, and eating late at night. We can all learn a lot about enjoying food and being healthy by following these simple diet mysteries of the French women. Just adopting a French diet mindset may change your health for the better and have you loving your mealtimes like never before.

Another things French women love to do is drink tea. Some drink tea in a bowl they love it so much. They say it cools down faster when in something big. Others may use a mug, but have several throughout the day and night, especially in winter.

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