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Detox your life & begin the year feeling amazing – Juliet Allen

It’s that time of the year again; the New Year has begun and it’s time to detox our bodies and begin the year feeling amazing. I truly believe that how we enter the New Year is how the year ahead will unfold, and so with this in mind I’m sharing my favourite New Year detox rituals and recommend that you add these to your own detox routine.

#1 Clean the entire houseDetox your life

As the New Year commences I clean out all cupboards, old clothes, the fridge, the food cupboard, my office etc. I also have a cleaner visit each week to keep the house clean and tidy. I’m a big believer in clean house = clean head. Starting the New Year with a messy house is my worst nightmare. Don’t hold back! Clean out all unwanted junk and make way for new energy.

#3 Write up what you want

I recommend writing up your list of inspiring new goals and putting it up in the house where you can see it every day. My goals in 2016 include: move into my dream home, employ my new business coach/mentor, triple my income, invest in shares and read more educational books. Dream big and don’t be afraid to put up goals that scare you.

#4 Wake up early each day and exercise

I love starting the New Year with exercise and fresh healthy food. I always cut out sugar and processed food for the entire month of January…this gives my body a chance to detox after Christmas and boosts my energy and vitality.

#5 Burn a new candle

I recommend purchasing a brand new, good-quality candle and burning it throughout January. Candles create a nice energy in the house and create a peaceful ambience. I always make a wish for my family as I light new candles.

#6 Burn Sage

Sage smudging can help combat negativity and clear the energy in your home, helping you start the year anew. I burn sage at least once a week during the year and always smudge daily throughout January..

#7 Drink Detox Tea

Detox Tea is a super cleansing green tea combined with lemon grass, chicory root, St Mary’s thistle, and ginger powder, making it the ultimate organic detox tea for a digestive detoxification and fresh start! Where can you get this? Nude Tea of course! We have the best Organic Detox Tea on the market.

Juliet Allen is a Sexologist, Sexuality Coach + Educator and Writer.  With a reputation for her bold and straight-to-the-point manner, Juliet runs educative workshops and events in Australia for young people and adults. Juliet is passionate about empowering women to embrace their true sexual nature and encourages everyone to explore and own their sexuality. Read more at