Building Muscle Mass Fast

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Tips to building muscle mass fast

Are you curious as to how to go about building muscle mass fast?

If you’re a believer in the “go big or go home” maxim, you’ll be pleased to know that building muscle mass sooner rather than later is totally possible. It doesn’t have to be one of those long-term goals peppered by incremental milestones and short-term goals.

In fact, if you don’t go hard, you won’t get the outcome you want.

As long as you’re prepared to be solid and do the right things, results can get posted almost instantly.

Ready? Buckle up and let’s take a look at a few ways you can go about building muscle mass fast.

Keep Things Simplebuilding muscle mass fast

You know who Arnold Schwarzenegger is, right?

He was the former Governor of the State of California.

He was the frigging TERMINATOR, dude.

He was the guy who killed Predator. He was Conan the Barbarian.

Schwarzenegger – or “Arnie” – looked fantastic in the seventies and eighties, at a time when all these fancy and complex workout routines we have today didn’t exist. He had to keep things simple.

He still probably looked better than anyone else you’ve seen in the gym.

So the advice here is to keep things simple. Do five sets of five reps and focus on the basics. Don’t get carried away with the fancy stuff.

Aim For Consistency

The reason the best sportsmen and women in the world are so good at what they do, is that they apply themselves with consistency in their training.

You need to do the exact same thing as you aim to build more muscle mass.

Your program will work as long as you stick to it. If you keep straying because you’re not seeing the results you want to see just yet, you’ll lose your way.

Don’t Neglect Your Carbs

Yes, we’ve all heard it before – carbs create fat. As such, we avoid white bread, rice and pasta as we aim for more muscle gain.

However, what people often forget is that carbs are your body’s best source for fuel. If you don’t get enough carbs into your system, your muscles will begin to break down.

How much carbs you need depends on your program. For example, if you’ll be lifting weights a lot, you need to base you carb intake on intensity and volume. Carbs are especially important if you put weight on easily.

Simply stick to fish, tofu, protein powder, lean meats, poultry, egg whites, yogurt, and nuts. Try eat these every day!

Eat More Calories In Three-Day Bursts

Stick to a low calorie diet, and you’ll struggle to get a positive nitrogen balance. You need macronutrients to form new muscle mass while aiding recovery, and the best way to do it is by consuming 50% more calories in three days bursts.

This will promote muscle growth without adding much body fat. After three days, the new growth will be stimulated, and you can then return to your normal calorie intake.

Be Patient

Patience is key!

If you do the right things, your body can make around 10 grams of muscle each day, which is a start.

However, don’t go losing your mind and giving up when you haven’t bulked up after 1 day. Give your body the time it needs to turn into muscle. It might not happen overnight, but it will happen!

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